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Webinar next date TBC in April

32S X "Dentists Who Invest"

All Things Clear Aligners

32 Stories is partnering with "Dentists who Invest" to provide listeners with a no-holds-barred overview of Clear Aligners, things they never told you, and things all dentists should know. 


For the beginner and advanced Clear Aligner provider 

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  • The Realities of Short Term Orthodontics

  • How does Orthodontic Planning work in Clear Aligners?

  • Clear Aligners behind the scenes, how are they actually made?

  • The Clear Aligner Market- what should dentists know?

  • What drives cost and price for dentists and manufacturers?

  • How can Specialists support dentists for better outcomes?

  • How can you access fairer prices and more choice in your Clear Aligners?

  • What does the future look like for Clear Aligner therapy?

  • Clear Aligner Case Studies 

Private webinars can be organised directly with 32 Stories and are tailored to each audience

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