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SINCE 2006

China Dental Laboratory (CDL) provides full-service dental laboratory services and products for dentists and dental laboratories worldwide.


Our hardworking and high-performing team shares a single commitment to producing the best dental products for our clients and their patients. We utilize the latest techniques and best materials to produce strong, quality crowns, bridges, implants, partials and dentures for discerning dentists.


Our products are often of higher quality than those produced by many of the larger, national labs and assure you that your business will be handled professionally, confidentially, and without delay.


China Dental Laboratory registered with US FDA and implement a quality management system that is certified under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2012. FDA registered and CE certificated materials. 


Use high quality brand name products from Captek, Cercon, IPS E.max, Valplast, etc.

2 large facilities, 200 dental technicians

10,000 restoration cases completed

6,000 International and China-based customers

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Other services

Digital Dentistry




Precision attachments

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Removable and other products: 1-year warranty after the date of delivery

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