32S Specialist-Led Adult Orthodontics for the GDP

How does it work?


Why use 32 Stories?

See even complex cases in-house, without referring out
Let a Specialist Orthodontist help Treatment plan your case for predictable, safe, reliable results, avoiding cases which may result in complications 
Receive specific guidance and advice on consent, fitting and monitoring for that patient
Access the best lab fees, and receive your Clear Aligners within 1-3 weeks
Use the 32 Stories remote monitoring system to monitor your patients every aligner change, without using chair time
Provide an exceptional patient experience, with better clinical results
Do more of what you love, like Cosmetic Finishing 
No fees for training, get started after your 3 hour onboarding session
All for less than your Invisalign Lab Bill

Why work with Specialists?

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What Specialists Say

"If you don't really understand the mechanics of Orthodontics, don't do it, you won't know when its going wrong!"

Specialist Orthodontist, UK

"I went on a two day Invisalign course and I came away from it thinking I still wasn't confident providing orthodontics...
I have never been and never want to be the type of dentist who goes to a two day course in Heathrow and comes away and starts offering highly priced, complex and risky treatments...
I want to really understand the process and know that I am offering the best treatment for my patients​"

How do I become a member with 32 Stories?

3 hour onboarding Webinar

Optional CPD modules on Ortho Skills

(Free of Charge, book below)

Start Submitting Cases

Track your patients on your personal 32S Dashboard


Book your Onboarding Webinar

Start Managing Adult Ortho cases with Specialists

Better Outcomes, Lower Fees, Less hassle

18th January 2021 - 6pm

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28th January 2021 - 6pm

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1st February 2021 - 6pm

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4th February 2021 - 6pm

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