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The Only

Specialist Clear Aligner Platform for Dentists 

How Does It woek

32S: The Quiet Revolution in

Clear Aligners

32 Stories is the only Specialist-supported full service Clear Aligner provider for Dentists.

Providing Clear Aligner Treatment with Specialist Orthodontists guiding you on every case (if you'd like). 
32 Stories was founded through the growing discontent among dentists and orthodontists at the broken Clear Aligner system, dominated by large corporate brands driving for shareholder profits over patient outcomes.

Dentists unwittingly take on liability for technician-generated treatment plans, whilst being charged inflated prices with no transparency or choice.

Dentists are tired of being treated as marketing machines for corporate brands.

32 Stories is putting the dentist back at the centre, giving them support from Specialists in treatment planning and giving them high-quality Clear Aligners with more choice at fairer prices.
32S takes Orthodontics seriously, teaching dentists every single stage of the Clear Aligner process, from how they are made to how orthodontic design really works, before they start working with us. 
32 Stories is Specialist-supported, and puts clinical outcomes first

Using 32S for your Clear Aligner cases

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Get Specialist Orthodontist support to help Treatment plan your case for predictable, safe, reliable results
Get access to lower, fairer lab bills
Receive specific guidance and advice on consent, fitting and monitoring for that patient
More choice and more flexibility over your Clear Aligners, including faster shipping, refinement options and choice over your plastics
Take on more complex cases and keep your patients in-house
Use the 32 Stories remote monitoring system to monitor your patients every aligner change, without using chair time
Do more of what you love, like Cosmetic Finishing 
If you are new to Clear aligners, receive free training with our clinical team
No joining fees, join today and start submitting cases tomorrow 
More Choice, More Control, Better Results
Why use 32 Storie

Why work with Specialists?

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What Specialists Say

"If you don't really understand the mechanics of Orthodontics, don't do it, you won't know when its going wrong!"

Specialist Orthodontist, UK

Why work with Specialists?
"I went on a two day Invisalign course and I came away from it thinking I still wasn't confident providing orthodontics...
I have never been and never want to be the type of dentist who goes to a two day course in Heathrow and comes away and starts offering highly priced, complex and risky treatments...
I want to really understand the process and know that I am offering the best treatment for my patients​"

Not an Airport Course

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This is not a 1500 GBP weekend airport course with teaching you how to market a 'system'.


We believe that anyone providing Clear Aligner treatment should understand the industry today, how they are made, how orthodontic design works, what actually happens behind the scenes when you submit a case, and be able to explain this to their patients. 


>90% of dentists we interviewed did not know that treatment planning for Invisalign was done by technicians in Costa Rica.


We provide this comprehensive teaching on our introductory 'All Things Clear Aligners' webinar. This is not clinical training, but a transparent overview of exactly how they are made and what happens behind the scenes. 

Dentists will then be invited for a 1:1 onboarding with the clinical team to discuss everything from starting your first case, to developing your own personal portfolio of hundreds of cases.

For dentists just starting out they will have access to free clinical training on all aspects of Clear Aligner treatment, from consent, to orthodontic photography, to IPR/attachments, to retention. 

How Do I get started?
"I've been providing Clear Aligners for a long time and I thought I knew a lot about them.
That first 32S webinar really opened by eyes, I had no idea that was how Orthodontic planning was done, or how clear aligners were actually made.
I definitely feel much more comfortable now that I know what I'm talking about, and a bit embarrassed I was so naive before!"

Fair pricing for dentists

With major Clear Aligner brands the lab fees are extremely high, and dentists are constantly trying to achieve a higher status to access discounts.

Efficiency savings are not passed on to dentists, they are passed on to shareholders.

Pressuring dentists to sell more, and disadvantaging the lower volume providers does not sit well with us as clinicians. 

With 32S we pool every order under a single account, so everyone automatically gets access to high-volume discounts from the moment their join. 

We work with the highest quality materials and offer a great deal more choice (shipping times, refinements, plastic type), so that you have complete control over your Clear Aligners, but at lower, fairer prices.


What do dentists say?


Book your Onboarding Webinar

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Learn everything you need to know about Clear Aligners, including things they never told you; whether you are a first time or experienced Clear Aligner provider.

Due to exceptional demand in the first half of 2021 we are now operating a waiting list for new joiners.

We will be welcoming new members in August 2021, where we'll be sharing some exciting new features and developments

To register your interest please contact us below, and we will be in touch very soon.

Joining, onboarding and clinical training will remain free for all dentists. 

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By Phone or Online


+44 203 633 8432

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